Wednesday, June 06, 2007

not climbing in yosemite

i visit california about once a year, but never with climbing people. people occasionally ask me about yosemite, but i never saw the point of going before. i figured it was a long drive to someplace i wasn't good enough to climb and didn't have a partner for anyway -- plus there are already conflicting demands on my time while i'm in california.

this year, somehow, a new climber-friend got me thinking about going. he thought i was good enough to climb there, and told me that lots of folks would be looking for a partner.

i don't get excited about the idea of climbing with a stranger, and in this case i was likely to be the less valuable climber of the pair in terms of gear (wasn't bringing any) and ability.

but then i thought, 'do i have to climb to enjoy it? wouldn't it be awesome just to see it?'

it was.

that's camp four. i was in awe of camp 4. dirty but serious climbers everywhere.
i think those are bridalveil falls. whoa. god lives at yosemite.
i scrambled around the giant boulders where i'm sitting. so i did at least get to put my rock shoes on!

i kept seeing these thingies. the wood is smooth and reddish -- we do NOT have them in ohio.

i stalked some craggers and saw a few routes. how'd you like to stick body parts in that?


At 10:52 PM, Blogger ynot said...

Your pics are awesome! I'm so jealous I will never get to see Yosimite. Nice job updating the blog.Glad your out climbing more.

At 3:38 PM, Blogger terry said...

you can get to yosemite by car, jesse! and i'm sure of one thing: everybody should see it before they are dead. amazing.


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